Horizon Workrooms

Meta Reality Labs, London, UK
Spatial prototyping Interaction design Unity, Figma
October 2022

Horizon Workrooms is Meta's virtual reality solution for productivity. It allows users to meet and collaborate with their colleagues in VR, while also offering features for solo work. To enhance productivity, the team at Meta designed and developed multi-monitor support, which enables users to access three large virtual screens while connected to their computer in VR.

Perhaps one day, VR and MR might be the only monitor you will ever need for productivity.

As part of the team, I was responsible for designing the feature, including prototyping proxemics and screen layouts and handling all spatial design efforts. With the amazing team at Meta, we were able to deliver the feature for the 2022 Connect event, where Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the feature in Workrooms.

Product Manager
Björn Wanbo
Product Manager
Dan Cullum
Engineering Manager
Cliff Mccollum
Product designer
Karen Campa