Mars Voyager

Method, London, UK
GlobalLogic, San Jose, CA, USA
Mars, Los Angeles, CA, USA
VCA, Los Angeles, CA, USA
UI/UX Design Product Design Sketch, Zeplin, Azure DevOps
Dec-Jul 2020

Mars Voyager is a global veterinary practice software platform that allows for seamless management of operations across hospital locations. By sharing patient information, it ensure that your beloved pet receives the best possible care, no matter where you go.

I led a sub-team of five in the design and development of the "Calendar" and "Client & Patient Management" sections of the platfrom. My responsibilities included overseeing the flow and interaction patterns and collaborating closely with stakeholders. The design team consisted of product and visual designers who worked to deliver assets for engineering.

More than just a UI, it's a system.

The calendar is a crucial component of the software, serving as the entry point for all treatments and appointment scheduling. It is used by all hospital staff, hence we conducted extensive user research to ensure that the calendar was performant and user-friendly.

Veterinary healthcare is unique in that each patient, whether it be a livestock animal or a goldfish, has their own specific needs. This can lead to complexity and the potential for mistakes in care. That's why clarity and efficiency were key considerations in the design of Mars Voyager.

One of my personal highlights of working on this project was the creation of the helper widget, a smart assistant that simplifies the process of entering information. It prevents duplicates, auto-fills forms, and verifies addresses and microchip numbers. Its modular design allows for flexibility as more functionality is added.

Method London and NYC worked closely with Mars and its veterinary practices in the US, Canada, and Europe to tailor Mars Voyager to their specific needs. The project began with an initial research phase, during which we analyzed the current practice software and visited hospitals in the Los Angeles area. Through workshops and stakeholder interviews, we narrowed down the requirements.

At the delivery phase, the project involved more than 200 people from around the world. Eventually, a local design team was hired to allow Method to phase out of the project.

Project Manager
David Guisti
Joshua Leigh
Associate Director
Tau Soriko
Senior Designer
Patrick Egglinger
Daniel Robson