Dyson Wind Wall

School of Design Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
Industrial Design Rhino 5, Grasshopper Keyshot
Sep - Nov 2014

Wind Wall is a flexible wall that captures the outside wind intensity and translates this to a warm dynamic breeze.

How it works

Wind Wall is a modular system that can fit any wall thanks to it’s parametric design. Just decide how many units are needed for the wall and which orientation would fit the wall best. Every module measures its own wind intensity through stretch sensors hidden in the four legs. The sensor readings drive a heating element and a fan that create a comfortable breeze that is similar to the outside wind. The modules alone are not wind tight; hence there is a flexible membrane attached to the outside of the wall. Air can only pass through the wall via the air intake on every module. Because the breeze is generated by a fan the airflow can be regulated to make the experience less intense - creating a form of ambient heating.

Wind Wall is the result of combining New Zealand made stretch sense technology by Stretch Sense with the Dyson brand. Inspiration came from the windy city of Wellington, New Zealand. Wind is very unpredictable and has beautiful qualities. However it is not always very pleasant. Windwall let’s a user experience the ambient qualities of wind without any of its downsides.

Simon Fraser
Tim Miller
Helen Andrea
Chris Delola Scott