Lamp one

One of my early projects. A dynamic light object that is inspired by a roundabout.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

culture - design - harmony

This lamp is inspired by a roundabout for the assignment Panamarenko given by F. Franssen. The process of designing this lamp was very tense and long. During this process I learned a lot about my self and cultural aspects of design.
The lamp is build from two 3D-printed parts. One big part that is the base and at the top there is a second part that is spinning in the center. There are 6 wide angle LED’s attached to the moving cone in the center. The lamp stands on a stage. In the stage are an Arduino and a servo that make the lamp work.
The lamp makes a very organic movement. My aim was to create a lamp that stirs the light and controls the flow of light like a roundabout controls the traffic flow.