Power Collar

Is my first wearable design. It’s a moving garment that moves according to your energy level. This wearable reveals your state of mind to others and makes the wearer more aware of his or her mood.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
January 2013

Power Flows

A collar that makes people aware of their power flow and how they present them self to the world. The power level of people constantly changes during the day. This influences how you feel end experience life. It also changes how you respond to your environment. The power collar can change shape depending on your power flow. It has 3 core shapes: Blank, Powerful & Powerless. It shows a very abstract status of the power level of the user. Others in his or her surrounding can take this status into account. For the user that wears the collar it is useful to know his energy flow so he or she can do something about the status if needed. The collar can always be pushed back into the blank mode if the user does not want to show his or her mood.