Kin is a social travel app for KLM passenger's that are together on the same flight. The app provides a service to let passengers connect and support each other on their entire journey to make the experience more social and more fun! At the same time, the platform allows KLM to monitor their customer's experience and provide support when needed. The project was done for KLM and supervised by Delft University of Technology. KLM is currently still working on realizing the concept into their app.

Company: KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines

Collaboration: Delft University of Technology

Team: Alienor de Haan, Daniel Goodwin, & Leroy Spiekerman van Weezelenburg

Delft, The Netherlands
Nov - Jan 2015

Connect - Support - Fun

In this project, we were presented with the unique problem of adjusting KLM’s business strategy to a customer intimate experience. In order for KLM to compete in a market that is currently saturated with both high cost, premium service companies and low cost, threadbare flight companies KLM needs to adjust their current business strategy to target a currently unoccupied segment of the market that provides customers with an intimate experience that makes them feel special and validated, promoting return customers and attracting new customers away from the increasingly cold, apathetic service offered by the discount airline companies.

The solution that is created, is an app that allows their customers to form a small community with the people of their flight. People are not forced to use the app, but offers them to participate in different levels. KLM will be monitoring the conversations and questions and jumping in when important information is available or questions are asked. Check out the video for clarification.