Focus uses blue light to help people concentrate on their tasks. Blue light enforces: alertness, cognitive performance, cortisol secretion and brain blood flow. This makes it ideal for tasks where we have to absorb information. We become less sensitive for distractions and absorb information faster.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
July 2014

How it works

Focus also stimulates the time you can concentrate. The concentration span for humans is about 45 minutes. Focus is inspired from natural light and works just as the sun. It fades from black to orange (sunrise). From here it becomes very blue. It will stay blue for 45 minutes (midday). When you are done the light will fade back to orange and eventually will turn black (sunset). To make sure you really take a break Focus flashes its light 3 times to let you know you should stand up and have a break. This break helps to clear the mind, walking stimulates both sides of the brain to reset. After the break you can start a new cycle.
To make sure you can comfortably study at night focus knows what time it is. Blue light does make you more awake, you are also much more sensitive for blue light at night compared to midday. This is why focus sends out less blue light at night. This way Focus will not influence your circadian rhythm too much.
The light that comes from Focus is a combination of LED and halogen light. The light is reflected trough a white surface to give a pleasant light experience. Focus is an ambient lamp; the light is not meant to see clearly. Focus can be used in combination with other light sources.
Focus is curved to create an isolated working area. The lights on the side give the impression it is a part of your desk. Focus can switch modes: on/concentration/off. You can do this by holding your hand very close to the left light.
If you are in the middle of a concentration cycle and you already finished your work. You can turn focus off by holding your hand close to the left light. This way you can stop working whenever you want. Focus can also be dimmed. Place your left hand a bit further from the light, +15 cm. Now use you right hand to dim the light by moving it closer to the light. Focus will see your hand 25 cm away from the light.